Blocked Drains

It’s a great idea to keep an eye on your down-pipes and guttering !

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Blocked drains

Blocked drain needing urgent attention? We offer 24-7 support for emergency blocked drains.


Blocked drains could be caused by blocked toilets or sanitary drainage which can lead to health issues if unattended. Storm water drainage issues can lead to extensive collateral damage.

It’s a great idea to keep an eye on your down-pipes and guttering to avoid any potential issues in future. Call us for a drain check and remedial action as required to prevent any minor issues becoming a major issue.

In the commercial arena, blocked grease traps or pits or grease build-up in your drainage pipes could end up creating unwanted disruptions to your business – prevention is better than cure.

As well as solving your blocked drain needs, we can also help with the following plumbing services:

Roofing – Our team have a hard earned competency in troubleshooting and repairing roof leaks, repairing leaking or damaged gutter, replacing new roofs and flashings. The tiniest leak can become a real problem if not attended to. Storm damage, guttering and down-pipe repairs should be attended to sooner rather than later.

Spring Time and Drainage Problems – Coming out of winter into spring is a great time of year, but be aware it is also the new growth time for trees and shrubs.  As they come out of their winter hibernation, tree roots start chasing water, and are naturally attracted to your drainage pipes, often with disastrous consequences.

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